Founder and CSO at the R&D-based biopharmaceutical company NatInLab.
A biochemist, a molecular biologist, and a drug designer by trade and a nature-lover at heart, with a Ph.D. from PWr Wroclaw, Postdoc from the UvA Amsterdam. Also educated at Ruhr Universitat Bochum, Jagiellonian University Medical College, and the Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy PAN.

Fascinated by the nature of biochemistry where (bio)molecules meet self-organization, specialization, networking, and create life. Interested in creating novel hi-tech solutions for developing innovative medicines and new (bio)technologies.

Passionate about horses, show-jumping amateur aiming for the Olympic games.

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M.Sc. in Medicinal Chemistry
Ph.D. in Biochemistry
P.D. in Industrial Pharmacy
Postdoc in Molecular/Systems Biology


10+ years experience in Biomolecular Science (drug discovery, biochemistry, proteases, systems biology)
10+ years experience in teaching and supervision
8+ years as PI in scientific projects that led to the identification of pro-drugs
5+ years experience as PI in EU-co-funded grants
20+ scientific article, 3 patent applications


The main goal of my study is to investigate newly emerging principles of proteolysis in human systems by applying structural chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, and AI. The proteolysis instigates irreversible changes to a set of protein/peptide substrates that alters their function and generates the demanded biological event. The elevated activity of many proteases has been correlated with various pathological disorders. However, at the same time, they play physiological roles. Interestingly, the same principles govern the invasion of pathogens such as coronaviruses. I am creating an innovative pipeline that leads to the identification of a regulatory mechanism and the generation of drugs.

The pipeline is based on my approach which states that the etiological factor of diseases such as AD is the lack of certain compounds in the cell that regulate the biochemical and biophysical network(s). I discover those compounds and based on those findings I can formulate interventions that regulate cellular processes through the proteolytic pathways. My current main research interest focuses on the study of the regulatory mechanism of the proteases that are pivotal in the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

By trade, I am a medicinal chemist, biochemist, and molecular biologist. Due to my multidisciplinary education, I am capable of leading the project from the in silico design through synthesis to the advanced experiments on the cell-based models.

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Teaching is a rewarding aspect of my professional career and forms the core of my identity as a university researcher. I believe that education is about engaging the mind that involves a collaborative and synergistic relationship between students and an instructor.

I see my role as a mentor and a guide, therefore, my primary goal in teaching is to take ownership of the development and education of my students. In every class and student project, I aim to include a mixture of guidelines, reading, lab assignments, and discussions to actively engage students with the material.

I was fortunate to have served as teaching staff for various courses on, among others, biochemistry, organic chemistry, biology, and systems biology, and a supervisor for B.Sc. and M.Sc. projects, and a co-supervisor of a Ph.D. project.


2019-2021: Daily supervisor of the Ph.D. project of Yanhua Liu (UvA)
2020: Supervisor of the M.Sc. project of Dennet van der Linden (UvA)
2020: Supervisor of the M.Sc. project of Demi J. Rijlaarsdam (UvA)
2020: Supervisor of the B.Sc. project of Ivo Gelder (UvA)
2016: Supervisor of the M.Sc. project of Katarzyna Staszewska (WUT)
2013: Supervisor of the B.Sc. project of Maciej Giszter (WUT)

B.Sc. level

2018-2020: Systems Biology and Medicine, VU Amsterdam
2018: Biomedical Systems Biology, UvA
2009-2014: Biology, WUT
2009-2014: Organic Chemistry, WUT
2009-2014: Biochemistry, WUT

M.Sc. level

2009-2014: Analytical Methods in Biotechnology, WUT
2009-2014: Natural Medical Products, WUT
2009-2014: Multistep Organic Synthesis, WUT
2009-2014: Bioorganic Chemistry, WUT


2018: Biological Dynamic Modelling workshop, the 5th European Congress of Immunology


2020: Principal Investigator, Physics2Market from Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA), 35,000€

2018: Principal Investigator, Personal grant Mobilnosc Plus from the Polish Ministry of Science andHigher Education, ~115,000€

2013: Principal Investigator, Personal grant Preludium 3 from the National Science Centre Poland, ~50,000€

2012: Principal Investigator, Personal grant Grant Plus financed by the EU from the European Social Fund, ~20,000€

2011: Principal Investigator, Personal grant for best Ph.D. students from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, ~10,000€

2010: Principal Investigator, Personal grant Entrepreneurial Ph.D. financed by the EU from the European Social Fund, ~12,000€


2015: The Rector of Wroclaw University of Technology Award for the outstanding achievements for the University

2014: The Faculty Council Award for best PhD thesis, Wroclaw University of Technology

2013: Scholarship for the development of young researchers co-financed by the EU

2009-2014: Multiple individual scholarships, Wroclaw University of Technology


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